Super 8 & 16 MM Links

Here are a few places where you can buy Super 8 and 16mm cameras and repair and laboratory options:

  • Pro8mm (Camera, Repair, Film Stock, and Lab)

  • Spectra Film and Video (Camera, Repair, Film Stock, and Lab)

  • Du-All Camera (Camera and Repair)

  • Monster Flips USA (Camera and Repair on their cameras)

  • Tested Super 8 Cameras (Camera)

  • Camera Crate (Camera)

  • Negativeland Motion Picture Film Lab (Lab and Transfer)

  • CineLab (Lab and Transfer)

  • CinePost (Transfer)

  • Yale Film and Video (Lab and Transfer)

  • The Negative Space (Transfer (they are working on in-house lab))

  • Filmkonsult Svebaco KB (Beaulieu Repair)

Bjorn Andersson Hasselby, Sweden,

  • Procam (Bolex camera repair)

  • B&H Photo and Video (Film stock)

  • Kodak (Film stock)

More Infomation: